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I am an Assistant Professor at TU Delft’s Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. Before coming to TU Delft, I was a Research Associate in the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Group at Imperial College London.

I have an interest in the modeling, analysis, optimisation and control of networked systems with a focus on drinking water distribution systems (WDS). My research is motivated by imperatives in urban water sustainability – system resilience, efficient resource utilisation, and water quality management.  My current work is on the development of optimal control, estimation  and tailored mathematical optimisation and analysis tools for `intelligent water systems’. Some examples are:

  • optimising the water-energy relationship for sustainable operation of  WDS and other water resource systems (water-food-energy nexus problems)
  • optimal placement of sensors and actuators for leakage and fault diagnosis, leakage estimation and localisation,
  • the optimal placement and operation of pressure and flow control devices for pressure management, water quality control and energy efficiency,
  • optimal system design and rehabilitation with multiobjective and mixed-integer optimization, and
  • intermittent water distribution systems.

Other research interests include model predictive control (MPC),  robust and optimal control of hydraulic storage structures (eg. for multi-reseirvoir systems and open channels),  graph theoretic tools for the analysis of drinking water networks, robust H-infinity control and estimation, optimal control of ocean wave energy converters, and bilinear systems.  

I have a PhD in Control Engineering (Aeronautics) and a first class honours MEng degree  in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I received both the MEng and PhD degrees from Imperial College London, UK, in 2008 and 2013, respectively.