Research opportunities

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PhD candidates

If you have a strong background in engineering, mathematics or a related area and would like to pursue a PhD in one of my research topics, please contact me to discuss possible projects and funding. Some topics of interest are

  • modelling and optimisation for the food-energy-water nexus,
  • optimal sensor placement and leakage estimation & localisation for drinking water distribution systems,
  • optimal rehabilitation and operational management for intermittent water supply systems, and
  • optimal/robust reservoir management under uncertainty.

Applications for PhD study at TU Delft are very welcome. It is possible to pursue a PhD with other sources of funding, such as national and international scholarships or funding from your company. Interested candidates, including those with their own funding sources, are encouraged to contact me to discuss their research proposal before submitting their applications officially.

All formal applications will then go through the Faculty’s official admissions system. For general information on PhD at TU Delft, please see here.

MSc and undergraduate student projects

These are available only to TU Delft students. Please get in touch if you are interested in interdisciplinary projects with motivations in water distribution networks or in water resources management.

Students working with me

Boran Aydin  (Operational management of regional salt-fresh water resources using MPC, Phd candidate,TU Delft, 2015 – 2019)

Filippo Pecci (Multi-objective optimisation for valve placement and operation in  water distribution systems,  PhD candidate, Imperial College London, 2014-2018)

Ruben Menke (Investigating the water-energy nexus through optimal pump scheduling for water distribution systems, PhD candidate, Imperial College London, 2014-2017)

Dr Robert Wright (Water distribution networks with dynamic topology,  PhD candidate, Imperial College London, 2014-2015)

—– MSc & BSc thesis
Dorien Lugt (Optimal operation of the multi-reservoir system in Sittaung river basin, Myanmar, MSc in Applied Mathematics and Water Management, TU Delft, 2017- 2018)

Rogier Burger (Model-based investigation of the water-food-energy nexus, MSc in  Civil Engineering – Water Management, TU Delft, 2017-2018 )


Hugo Hagedooren (Measuring and modelling to optimise a salinity monitoring network for use in the optimal control of flushing: Case study: Lissertocht catchment – Water Management, TU Delft, 2017-2018 )


Ties van der Heijden (Pumping when the wind blows: demand response in the Dutch delta, TU Delft, 2018)


Rogier Buck, Andreas den Decker, and Bas Tijhof (B Civiele Techniek): “Guideline for DMA development  with minimal data requirements”, intermittent water supply systems, Addis Ababa, Q4 2017.

 Joost Vertbart (B Civiele Techniek): “Ensuring a better water availability and quality in the Mathare Valley slum (Nairobi, Kenya) by using an aerial distribution system,” Q4 2017.

 Jasper Scheijmans (B Civiele Techniek): ” A STUDY of DRINKING WATER PROBLEMS AND IMPROVEMENT IN ADDIS ABABA: inventory and solutions for biological contamination due to leaking pipe systems and poor sewerage in the urban drinking water supply scheme in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.,” Q4 2018.